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Why we are the ultimate pet butchers in our industry?

Cause of the following questions, you’re barking good at what we do. 
What is the healthiest raw meals and treat to feed my fur children?
What is the best way to stop my fur child chewing my things?
What is the best way to keep my fur kids teeth clean?
Where can I buy the best raw meals and treats in Perth?
Is there a difference between “natural and “generic” treats?
Can certain raw blends help with health conditions?
Can you create blends to suit our fur child’s special requirements?
What’s the best way to cure my fur children’s boredom?
Want honest advice? If we can’t help you Ash our pet nutritionist sure will go that extra mile to make your experience first class. 

FACT: fur childrens meals and treats are not created equally…

The sad reality is, like most store-bought human meals or treats, most dog rolls and treat brands on the market are well marketed, and they could be actually detrimental to your fur baby's long-term health in some cases. 
Made from a frightening combination of meat by-products, trans-fats, sugars, water, preservatives, fillers and other nasties sourced from who knows where, it’s no wonder more and more fur kids are sadly being diagnosed with human-like diseases and disorders ranging from allergies, to diabetes, to outright cancers. 

Let’s be honest. 

Big brands care about ONE thing - Squeezing as much profit out of every unit sold as humanly possible. I’ve seen it first hand. 
Whatever the cost.  
There’s too much conflicting information online as well. 
There’s too much marketing BS from big brands pushing these over rated products on our fur kids. 
Enter the Fur Legged Pantry…
We care about the health and wellbeing of your fur children just as much as you do. 

We all want our fur kids to live forever. And, just like we know that our own diets contribute to a healthy, happy life, the same is true for our pawsome children. 
So why not give them the best? Our raw blends and treats are made from 100% Australian products and contain ZERO preservatives, salts, sugars or any other gross-ness. 
100% natural. 
No BS. 

Just delicious, nutritious goodness to keep a smile on that doggy’s dial. 
We have spent years honing our craft, studying B.A.R.F & PREY model diets, investing in paid online pet nutrition courses to direct talk with pet nutritionist and Perth vets to following that up with partnering with quality and respect commodity meat traders locally and out of Queensland to deliver a delicious, healthy alternative to the rubbish available on most supermarket shelves.
Our tasty raw blends and treats are available for delivery to most Perth suburbs every Tuesday or via our shop which is open 6 days a week (includes weekends) at Wanneroo markets. 

You won’t find better quality tucker for your fur children then at Fur Legged Pantry. 

Come say G'day at our Wanneroo Markets store - we’d love to get to know you, like the hundreds pet parents that visit our store weekly to experience true old fashion customers service and values that’s the Fur Legged Pantry experience.