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Why $10 packing and delivery fee?

We understand some companies offer free delivery, but for us it’s not viable.
On average it takes our staff 10 minutes to process and pack your order.
We chose to keep our product prices cheaper over incorporating packing and delivery into the costing of per unit so clients can save at our shop at Wanneroo Markets.

Simon belief is if you looking to save on your petfood grocery’s our shop is best value over convenience of delivery service. Simon also believe’s packing orders and delivering to your door service needs a value which was settled on $10 to cover staff members wages and high diesel prices.

Our vision has always to give best prices on products and Simon strongly believes Fur Legged Pantry ticks that box.

Sometimes our product might says unavailable/out of stock on website.

This doesn’t mean shop doesn’t have this product, it just means not available for home delivery that week as our shop is our main priority to have full at all times for our loyal foot traffic clients that love old fashioned customer service experience in store.

This might frustrate some clients wanting home delivery convenience but 2022 meat levels is not like 2021 meat levels.

Truth is most to all abattoirs are getting ridiculous prices to export, in some cases prices have doubled to tripled it’s insane. So those items are just not accessible like previous years and it’s very frustrating our end as well.

But we very lucky levels are good at present thanks to our strong relationships with meat commodity traders in Perth and in Queensland that have our back, but there will be times when it’s not available so we all need to be patient when theses low stock issues occur especially on Roo meats in winter months as farms just to wet to access to shoot on.

If this happens to you when wanting home delivery please call Simon direct on 0457160679 or email us on and we will endeavour to explain or rectify issue.

What day do we deliver?

Delivery day is every Tuesday between 10-4pm.
Orders packed in foam esky, but recommended leaving your own out for us to fill if there really large orders.

Minimum orders are $110

Why don't we deliver to the inner city?

It’s simply to hard on logistics side for drivers.
When you order a product into the cart, there is Check if we ship/deliver to your address: place your postcode in there to see we deliver too you.
If we don’t deliver into your zone, maybe have delivered to a friend or family members house or you can go to shop at Wanneroo Markets where our team can accommodate you pets requirements.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes this can be achieved, please fill out contact form on navigation bar (CONTACT) please make sure you leave you phone number as Simons old school most likely call you directly.

Electric gates or living in apartments multi level.

If you are one of these clients please communicate with us before ordering as a cancellation fee will occur 3% fee to cover online fees and administration.

Thanks for your understanding from Simon and the team at the Fur Legged Pantry.